Tar & Chip Decorative Stone

If you want to do a surface dressing for your driveway or garden, there are several options to choose from, but few will be as neat, beautiful and affordable as using tar and chip or decorative stones. This method does not just prolong the life of your driveway or garden, it enhances the visual appeal without breaking the bank. As prices of property increase in the UK, we understand the need to cut costs and stay in budget, yet we also know that the last thing you want is a driveway that is not up to standard.

Where do we come in?

With several years’ industry experience, we are experts in private, commercial and industrial driveways. We have worked on several projects in the UK and have earned a reputation for excellent surface dressing. We only buy chippings from recognised suppliers, which allows us to offer a product of a very high standard. We have a dedicated tar and chip team and we work with different types of decorative stones. Using tar and chip to do a surface dressing of your driveway or garden can make such a difference to the appearance of your property, significantly enhancing the value. You need a team that is skilled in surface dressing and has a lot of experience in different types of project.

Our expertise

Tar and Chip surface dressing is different from other forms of surface dressing in that it makes use of hot tar and stone in the surface dressing of driveways. Decorative gravels and chippings are used to create an effect and since they come in different colours, it gives a unique look to your driveway. This type of surface dressing is not only used for new driveways, but if you have an old one and you want to enhance the look, this is a really affordable way to do that.

Resurfacing your road or garden this way has a number of great benefits

First of all, it reduces the wear and tear of the road and cuts down on the amount you spend in maintenance. Secondly, it increases the skid resistance properties of your road. Thirdly, the coloured stones change the look of your driveway, increasing the visual appeal. Finally, when you think of what you spend when using other methods of surface dressing, it becomes very obvious that tar and chip, whether using decorative stone or shingling, will save you a lot of money.

Of course, it is important to work with a company that has lots of experience because you need to be sure that the surface dressing is done right the first time. When you come to us, we give you an in depth analysis of your surface dressing needs and make the relevant recommendations that will suit your needs, lifestyle and budget. We have earned a reputation for integrity and excellence and we continually seek ways to ensure that for each project we are working on, we deliver 110%. We have a long list of satisfied clients in the UK as our work really is self-evident. Get in touch with us today.

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