Indian Sandstone

When you make up your mind to get work done on your driveway or pathway, what comes to mind? Do you imagine a driveway so neatly and beautifully done that it is the envy of all the neighbours and passers-by alike? Or do you dream of patio that reminds you or warm evenings and alfresco meals? Then what you need is perfectly finished Indian Sandstone. Popular for its strength and versatility, the Indian sandstone gives your pathway a natural feel that has a strong appeal. The fact that it is slip resistant as well means that more homeowners are turning to Indian Sandstone for their outdoor paving.

For your outdoor paving, quality is a major factor

The quality of your sandstone as well as the skill of the technicians doing the installation is a huge factor affecting the final results of your outdoor paving. Whether yours is a driveway, a garden pathway or a patio, you need to work with those who have been tried and tested and have a reputation for excellence.

Our team of driveway experts have dedicated several years to perfecting the right techniques for Indian Sandstone installation. We have worked on so many projects that now we can proudly say that we get it right every single time. Because the quality of your sandstone is important, we ensure that we buy your Indian Sandstone slabs only from accredited suppliers. Our extensive industry experience means that we can tell what products are of superior quality and then we go only for those. We apply the highest standards through every stage of your project from designing or finishing.

Every project is unique

Indian sandstone comes in different colours and shades, which is why our team of experts will work with you to choose the best colours for your outdoor paving. Our services are bespoke because we understand completely that every project has unique needs and requirements. From the colours to the pattern design, we are available to talk to you on what suits your style and preferences.

Indian sandstone is a very strong and long lasting material that is also affordable because it does not go through the arduous grading system used in some other sandstone. For a product that fits into your budget, it is astonishing how beautiful it is for outdoor paving and how long it lasts. Its warm tones create a relaxing feel in whatever outdoor space they are used.

The beauty of this sandstone lies in the way several colours can be matched to create a stunning visual mosaic. You can use the different colours to create a pattern that will have you smiling for a very long time. Perfect for home use, Indian sandstone paving can also be used in some commercial situations.

We're here to help

This is where we are different from many outdoor paving companies out there. We really care about your vision for your home and will work with you to ensure that whatever is done is in line with that vision.

Give your home or premises the beauty and warmth it deserves with the natural tones of Indian Sandstone. Call us for more information.

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